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Your people. Your actions. Your words.
I believe that we are greater than the sum of our parts. 

Challenging the status quo, removing mistrust, creating a safe environment for real problems to be tackled openly and honestly, I bring the right people together and get them talking. By enabling people to be bigger, better, stronger, and more sure versions of themselves, I help businesses to co-create strategies for change that are rooted in real-life and flexible enough for the future.

Fundraising for a new project, developing transparent approaches to leadership, employee-led engagement programmes, or strategic coaching for you or your teams, I have worked with customer-facing teams, senior management, and founding business partners to help them identify and communicate their driving purpose, over-arching values, and how this all fits together in one bigger picture. By working better together, you, your teams, and your business can move faster, more easily. 


English | French

Global Experience:

France | Indonesia | Ireland | South Korea | Thailand | United Kingdom | USA 


University of Warwick | Institute of Leadership & Management | Management of Portfolios | PRINCE2 | Institute of Fundraising

Previous Client Successes

£2.3 million fundraised in one grant | Employee champion model embedded | Created two-way dialogue to improve customer experience | Challenged business strategy to align better with customer needs | Designed high-value business investment proposals | Built staff development and on-boarding programmes | Led workshops to identify target demographics and prioritisation | Broke down internal team barriers of miscommunication and a lack of trust | Built communities of change | Coached new business partnerships and solo founders on strategy and communications | Increased transparency and ease of comparing financial and decision-making processes | 

In Their Own Words

Martin, Director of Marketing

Results-orientated, dedicated and focussed on achieving success on behalf of often complex, multi-agency project groups.


Possessing the ability to turn troublesome projects into pleasurable ones.

Jeanette, Fundraising Team Manager

Not afraid to ask challenging questions, encouraging teams to take a step back, coaching people to speak strategically and succintly.


Pushing people to find the hook that will make someone want to write a cheque to help fix your challenge.

Kira, Director Business Development

Samantha fosters innovation, productivity, and positive experiences.


Her unwavering commitment to clients, high level of professionalism, and creative approach to problem solving make her an absolute pleasure to work with.

Previous Clients

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