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Change & Core Value

You have ambitious plans and targets. You’ve already been through significant change, there is more to come. You want your leadership team to tackle these changes head on, supporting their teams confidently and effectively.

From business case to benefits analysis, I will help assess your readiness for change, create clear roadmaps between how it works now and how it will work in the future, and push you to secure investment, buy-in, and commitment from all levels.  

Transparency, accountability, and authentic feedback. Offering impact-led recommendation reports, hands-on critique and delivery, or I can work with your managers to help them navigate their teams through the change. Together, we can:

  • Critique and create a powerful business cases and plans

  • Bring departments together to align competiting drivers and requirements

  • Prepare and support leadership through change

  • Identify and map cost-benefit analysis

“One of the most valuable talents of excellent strategists is the ability to take complex ideas and translate them into simple, easily understood language. Samantha has this rare ability.


When this uncommon talent is combined with the additional ability to build meaningful engagement -- to capture hearts and minds -- you’ve got an unbeatable strategic combination. ”

~Wanda Hamilton, Director of Fundraising, RNIB ~

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