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Culture & Engagement

Your team are great as individuals, but do they lack something as a team. You know how you’d like to work together, but how do you get there? You know that you’re taking the business in the right direction, so why doesn’t everyone else agree?

Understanding what’s really going on can be a significant challenge. People need to feel heard and listened to, they need the opportunity to share their experience, and they need to be engaged from the start. I offer practical assessments of internal barriers to change, create meaningful communication and engagement strategies, and will develop your teams to innovate and lead change from the ground up.

Breaking down hierarchies, opening up staff-led change initiatives, and creating a climate that encourages positivity and growth. Together, we can create:

  • Business climate checks

  • Change management communications strategies

  • Staff champions and engagement models

  • Impact-led coaching and support through change

“Samantha is a breath of fresh air. She helped us to create the space to listen and allow people to say what they really think and add value to the journey. This made us work towards the bigger picture together and have clear goals to achieve real success. I can't recommend her enough.”

~ Imogen Tinkler, Co-Founder, Bangers & Balls ~

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