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I am lucky enough to meet lots of people, teams, and businesses. I love to share their stories and what we have learned on the way - I also enjoy being asked challenging questions myself. If you would like me to come speak at your event, please do just ask. Things I'm pretty passionate about include:

Being Human - Why you need to do you at work
Working Remotely

In this world of fluid boundaries and blurred working hours, how do you bring your whole self to work in a way that works for you?


Delve into decisions and behaviours that drive the style of leadership you adopt and the type of impact you create. Robust techniques that support people at all levels to question and choose how ‘you being you’ successfully propels your ambitions further and faster. 

Your business case - made powerful:
Business Meeting

More resources, senior sponsorship, actual money being invested - how do you make sure you get what you need? What is your value proposition and how do you make sure everyone else buys into it too?


From £2.8 million charity funding bids, to new IT systems, to sector award nominations, how can you communicate your value and the benefit that brings in a way that everyone can understand?

Your two most important questions:

1) Why - Why should your audience listen to you?

2) So what - so what does this mean for them?

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes - how many of us really think about this when writing, speaking, or trying to influence decisions? Challenging assumptions, calling out bias, and making us really think about what this change will mean in practice. What can you do to make change happen more easily and quickly?

Your secret CHANGE weapon - co-creation:

A strong theory of change, a beautiful roadmap, or a unanimous strategy can all fall flat when the people you need to implement these changes say no. The art of change comes from a genuine understanding of why you are asking people to behave differently and a belief in the benefits it will bring.


How can you offer authentic opportunities for your teams to make the most of their skills, expertise, and experience.

Your leadership revolution:

Transparency, trust, and two-way communication. We are no longer in the age of top-down management and we would rather pull than push. Your teams are the first point of contact with your customers and they lead the development of your products, and the success of your business.


How can you kickstart a leadership revolution, empowering your people to be more open, take more responsibility, and help your business grow?

Sharing some of the best stories of leadership and culture

- You can join us here.

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