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Building a team

Bangers & Balls - communications

Launched summer 2016, this innovative new food startup took Kent and the south east of England by storm. Serving up ballsy flavours with banging ingredients, this married duo decided to kick start their dream business and family all at the same time. I coached the team through their early decision-making process, helping them to work better together, prioritise, plan, and build themselves a sustainable business.


The Challenge:

With great ideas and a ton of enthusiasm, the team were keen to get their name out there and start testing out their theories. The co-founders came with a wealth of experience, I helped the Bangers & Balls team to pace their first few months, how to communicate effectively, and where to focus their energy to build successful and lasting relationships.


I’m delighted to share Bangers & Balls recent success - they have been named in the Top 10 of Kent’s Food Producers for 2018 - 

Bangers & Balls

Samantha is a breath of fresh air. She helped us to create the space to listen and allow people to say what they really think and add value to the journey. This is critical when starting a business as you need to stop and listen before racing forward. Samantha put our team at ease as soon as soon as she met them and was able to leverage communication to ensure people built powerful relationships both internally and externally.


This made us work towards the bigger picture together and have clear goals to achieve real success. I can't recommend her enough.

~ Imogen Tinkler, Founder, Bangers & Balls ~ 

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