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Building Core Vale

Pangea - purpose and target audience

Offline retreats for our digital world

From a dream to change the world to soft launch of a product that is already turning heads. I joined the Pangea founding team to help them define their core offer, work out how to realise an ambitious vision in logical steps over the next 3 years, and identify who would want, need, and be able to pay for this transformational life experience.


The Challenge:

Turning an idea and ambition into a real, saleable product. Unsure of target market, still designing the product, and faced with so many potential options to explore; the original company founders were well aware of a burning and growing need for people to allow themselves to disconnect from technology, but they needed some support to define and articulate what they wanted to achieve for their specific audience. I helped Pangea to:


1. Define their core value proposition

Successes: I worked closely with the team to dig more deeply into what these retreats would offer their customers. What need were they addressing and how they might increase the depth and length of impact these interventions had. There is now a full programme plan that curates the customer’s experience, introducing topics, challenging them to think, and resurfacing with practical and realistic actions they can take home to their real life. This aims to maximise the immediate impact of taking part in the retreat, but also ensure that these behaviours become habit forming, lasting much longer.


2. Identify and target their ideal customers now and plan for the future

Successes: Inclusivity and openness were two of the fundamental values of the Pangea ethos. This meant that they were struggling to identify a target audience and apart from everyone, couldn’t work out who might really need and want to attend such a retreat. I spoke with each of the team members, helping them to articulate their personal why and ambition for the project. I then ran several targeted workshops to explore potential groupings of people, we successfully narrowed it down to three distinct audiences - one set of people who were likely to be our early adopters, and two subsequent sets to be engaged in later phases as they would be more likely to purchase a more mature product.


3. Come together as a new team, gaining clarity on roles and responsibilities across five different time zones

Successes: This was a very new team, many of whom had never met in real life, working across many different time zones and cultures. All of the team believed passionately in the project’s vision and they really wanted to be involved. At such an early conceptual stage, it was often quite difficult to see progress and feel like you were making a real impact, there were also differences in approach, management style, and time commitment to be unified. I worked with the Founder and individual team members, coaching them through their own expectations and frustrations, helping to clarify roles and responsibilities and introducing new ways to resolve mismatched expectations effectively.

Join Pangea

Samantha is a leader that will continue to create a better world for all of humanity. Her understanding of human diversity and interaction qualify her ability to become a catalyst for organizational change.


She is an asset and friend that everybody on our team loved and respected. I feel lucky to be able to work with such an amazing human being! Thank you for everything Samantha.

~ Jared Stephens, Founder, Pangea ~

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