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RNIB - building trust

At the launch of a five-year transformational change programme, RNIB were looking to revolutionise the way in which they were able to serve their customers. The success of which would include significant culture change.


With 2,500 staff to consult with, engage, and bring with them; I worked with senior leaders to design and deliver authentic opportunities for teams to feel listened to and respected, building understanding and trust, which were fundamental to a quicker and easier adoption of change.

KoHub - building culture

Developing an authentic method of customer feedback, innovation, and engagement at a tropical coworking space.


Our goal was to build on two years worth of good engagement and take this to the next level, creating the most welcoming, responsive, and engaged environment, with a great sense of community. Our space was to be the best decision you could make for your personal and professional development whilst working remotely in South East Asia.

Pangea - building core value

A strong theory of change, a beautiful roadmap, or a unanimous strategy can all fall flat when the people you need to implement these changes say no. The art of change comes from a genuine understanding of why you are asking people to behave differently and a belief in the benefits it will bring.


How can you offer authentic opportunities for your teams to make the most of their skills, expertise, and experience.

Equality in Tourism - building strategy

Changing the face of tourism in Tanzania


Setting up a new charity, recruiting trustees, designing project outcomes and metrics, AND trying to raise money to fund it all. In December 2017, Equality in Tourism were looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign to kick-start their new women’s empowerment project, in the heart of tourist-central Tanzania. I led on their strategy and campaign management for this successful crowdfunding appeal.

Bangers & Balls - building a team

Launched summer 2016, this innovative new food startup took Kent and the south east of England by storm. Serving up ballsy flavours with banging ingredients, this married duo decided to kick start their dream business and family all at the same time. I coached the team through their early decision-making process, helping them to prioritise, plan, and build themselves a sustainable business.

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