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5 critical factors for changing behaviour

Written for my work with t-three, this article takes a look at how to change behaviours and the cultural elements that you can use to help it stick.

Learning something new, making a difference, changing your own behaviours or inviting others to do the same can all be tough. But there are several ways you can make these easier, sticker, and ensure a more sustainable return on investment. Success relies on five critical factors, all of which require a conscious effort from you, your leaders, their managers, and the organisation as a whole.

These critical factors are:

  1. Time - Reduce fear around the “amount of time” blended learning takes

  2. Valuing Learning - Give your leaders the time and space to try - and to fail

  3. Encouragement - Deliver encouragement in a way that feels real to them

  4. Role-Modelling - Role model new behaviours throughout the whole organisation

  5. Accountability - Support leaders to become accountable for their own blended learning journey

There needs to be a purpose behind the learning too. Your leaders need to know the value of the new skill; how it will make them a better leader, and how it ties in with the goals and values of the organisation. There’s also a responsibility for the senior management team and the line manager to allow leaders the time and space to learn. It’s important for everyone to recognise that change won’t happen overnight and that leaders will need space to practice as they attempt to build new habits.

If you'd like to read the full article, please follow this link.

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