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Kickstart your Leadership Revolution

Written alongside a webinar I ran with t-three, this article takes a look at why we should all be calling for a revolution in our leadership and why the time is now.

Strong words, but it is time. With changing work patterns, increasing competition, and uncertainty around every corner, it is time to kickstart your leadership revolution.

Our customers expect more choice and personalisation and our employees want work to work better for them. Moving away from the more traditional hierarchies, top-down communications, and number of years in the job leading to promotional opportunities, our leadership styles need to change – sometimes quite dramatically – to serve our people and our customers better. You may well need to revolt to remain relevant.

Working with leaders across many very different industries, we believe that there are three key areas you can change that will make a real difference to how you lead your people. Your leadership revolution might be just around the corner. Here’s how you can start to take charge of this change today.

  • Purpose – Why are we doing something and why should anyone else care?

  • Trust – Trust in ourselves, trust in others, and trust in the decisions we make.

  • Communication – Real talking, that leads to even more real listening.

When people work together, they can build the impossible. This is what we need to do as leaders. This is the revolution that we need to kickstart. If we have a purpose, if we trust, and if we give people a voice and actually listen to them, we can build ourselves up and build up the people around us. In doing so, we can build our business to grow in a scalable, sustainable, and people-led way.

Now is the time to start the revolt. What’s your purpose? How can you get people to trust in your decisions as a leader? Finally, and most importantly, how can you make them part of those decisions?

If you'd like to read the full article, please follow this link.

Samantha x


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